• Warrior


Warrior is an online theatre film by Karen Egan.

Karen approached me to design promotional elements for her show as well
as design and develop a series of animations that appeared within the show itself.
It was a pleasure collaborating and helping develop a look and style that would help
tell a really engaging story.

Writer-Director: Karen Egan
Dramaturg: Maureen White
Lighting Design: John Comiskey
Set Design: Paul Keogan
Costume Design: Sinéad Lawlor
Production Manager: Stephen Bourke
Stage Manager: Evie McGuinness
Make up Design: Sharon Doyle
Graphic Design: Mark Kilroy
Production Photography: Ste Murray
Original Music: Karen Egan & Cian Boylan (recorded at Camden Recording Studios)
Live sound recording: Paul Ashe Browne
Director of Photography: Graham Seely
Video Producer: Tim Gannon
Editing: Gansee Films
Producer: Karen Egan

Cast & Musicians:
Karen Egan
Ruth McGill
Rory Pierce
Damian Evans
Cian Boylan (Musical Director)

Image Credit: Shane McCarthy