Give Me All Your Dreams

This animation was displayed as part of Epoch Loop is part of Hobart Current: Epoch Public Programs daily from the 27th November 2023 to the 11th of December 2024 in Tasmania. It is an animated response to the theme of Epoch.

The transition of an epoch is a significant and transformative time, filled with anticipation and the potential for change. Throughout history, societies have been driven by their collective aspirations and visions of what the future could hold.
As we move into a new epoch, there is a notable shift in how we manifest our dreams and aspirations. This shift involves the integration of technology and artificial intelligence, which can be seen as a form of "synthetic imagining."
The transition into a new epoch marked by synthetic imagining and the creation of digital hallucinations is a transformative period in human history.

The key question is how we will shape this future?